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​"We motivate the youth to develop an entrepreneurial mindset"
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          DeKalb County Commissioner          Sharon Barnes Sutton
Special Guest Speaker at iYEP 2015 

National Small Business Week 
March 4 - 8, 2015

IXGEN celebrated this year's week-long, cross-country series of events by holding a Lunch & Learn event for female Small Business Owners in the metro Atlanta area, to discuss useful resources to help the women brand, market, and grow their businesses. The workshop on " Bold, Accessible, Smart Federal Certification - The SBA Way" was facilitated by Charlotte Johnson, Economic Development Specialist, SBA Georgia District Office.
Special Guest Speaker was Cheryl Cooper, Managing Partner, CLC Consulting Group, LLC.
Over a light lunch the women  learned how to become eligible for federal contracting, shared their experiences, learned from each other, and developed new business relationships.
Mr. Kurtis Johnson, GM/Owner of Nalley Toyota Stonecrest, welcoming the group
Engineering Workshop
Business Planning Workshop
Leadership Workshop
Workshop on Healthy Living
iYEP 2015
Young Entrepreneurs at the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Business Expo (GYEBE) 2015
2017 National Small Business Week
"How to keep your Small Business growing"
iYEP 2017

​April 21-24, 2018
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA


About the Youth Empowerment Program (iYEP) 
iYEP is an annual summer entrepreneurship and life skills training for middle and high school youth, and young adults aged 13-29, to help them become economically, socially, and spiritually motivated, and empowered. 

Project Mission 
To teach and expose entrepreneurship to young people from less-served communities and families, so they can unlock their true potential, become economically productive, and live enriched lives through innovation and business ownership.

To actively engage youths in their personal and economic development, and empower them to become conscious of who they are, and their roles in their homes and communities. 

A secondary goal of the program is to work with businesses, local government, the school system, churches, other youth development organizations, and community leaders to train, mentor, and guide the youth into becoming successful entrepreneurs, and effective community leaders and decision makers. 

Eighteen thousand high school students, advisers, businesspersons and alumni gathered to develop knowledge and skills for college and careers. 
Emmenette Mason, Founder & CEO of IXGEN, was one of the Event Judges .

  IXGEN Board Member Ad

 IXGEN is a 501(C)3 nonprofit/charity that encourages and promotes   entrepreneurship as a means by which financial dignity, freedom, and   wealth, can be attained. We are seeking Board Members who will be   commit to helping the organization change lives, locally and   internationally.

  Would you be willing?
 * Support and uphold the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of               IXGEN.
 *Promote and work in its programs and activities in the best interest      of the organization as a whole.
 *Offer expertise, time, and available resources to help ensure the     health and success of the organization, and work with the rest of the   team to communicate the organization’s role to our most important     audiences.
 *Contribute significantly to fundraising and program activities,   including making a stretch gift, and/or assisting in bringing significant   funding to the organization.
 In particular we are looking for people who have experience as a   secretary, treasurer, budget planner, manager, fundraiser, program   developer or auditor, and have worked effectively in other       organizations (not necessarily nonprofit).  
 Being on the IXGEN Board is entirely voluntary, but still a significant   responsibility. Applicants should expect to complete a Board   Application, and submit to an interview, in order to determine   suitability. 
 To get a feel for the organization, please visit our website:   www.ixgeninc.org. You may email the Administrator if you are   interested, at info@ixgeninc.org, or call (770) 708-7374.