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News and Reviews for IXGEN

​From my experience in going through with the Youth Empowerment program, I was mainly given 3 things: Knowledge, Opportunity and Inspiration. I learned the process of starting a business, how to maintain and manage it, and also what to do in order to be the best at what I do. I was introduced to multiple aspects of the business world, like how it’s similar to running a garden, and why one should be open to new ideas and different backgrounds. 
Many speakers came to tell us how they got started and of what it takes to make sure it doesn’t end early. They even gave us insight on how to stay on the right track of becoming successful leaders and entrepreneurs. But best of all, I was given Inspiration throughout the entire program. Every Saturday after a session, I was filled with the excitement and motivation to go above and beyond in getting my business off the ground! 

But all in all, I would like to thank those who took the time to orchestrate this program for inspiring me, as well as others, to continue to pursue their dreams. Thank you.
Walter - 2015

​During iYEP 2014, I experienced things such as speakers who were their own bosses, trips to places where entrepreneurs ran their businesses, and great refreshments. The thing I liked most was the trip to Heavenly Body Products because we got a chance to see how a small business operates. I enjoyed the tour we were given, as well as the tips and advice about making money. In the future, I plan to be my own boss and use what I have learned in this program to achieve that. iYEP was an experience I will never forget. Coming from a little town in Georgia, I would’ve never gotten a chance to hear the valuable information about becoming a small business owner
Ahmad - 2014
They say a great, successful entrepreneur isn’t just born; they are nurtured, groomed and developed. iYEP has been a great opportunity and learning experience for me and my peers. Each workshop was informative and extremely beneficial. We went on different trips including the HOPE Center, MLK Center, and personally my favorite, touring an actual small business owned by an experienced African-American owner. The HOPE Center was very informative, teaching us on the essence of money; on how to a manage it and spend it and even more importantly, how to make your money work for you. The small business tour was tremendous. It was an established business that sells body soaps, perfumes, colognes, etc. internationally. During a seminar the owner was very inspirational. He spoke on the importance of business morals, putting your faith in God, and techniques on how to put your business out there. As fun as the field trips were, I feel the workshops we had were more eye-opening. We got to hear actual entrepreneurs’ perspectives on how they run their businesses and how they use the internet and social media to really unveil their business ideas. This program has definitely been very inspiring for what I essentially want to be in life. I feel it’s very important to be business savvy and understand finances. I highly recommend iYEP for any teen who wants aspire to have their own business.
Jarrett - 2014

II had the pleasure to assist Mrs. Mason the CEO of your organization. After that I'll have no regret in saying that she is a true living human monument to our society; Her passion about the youth of the United States of America and across the globe is remarkable. Two thumbs up and please keep the good work and the human warmth touch! Best,      Victor - 2013

"The Banking On Our Future (BOOF) workshop held at the HOPE Financial Dignity Center was very informative. I learned that financial institutions (banks) have people there who will help with managing finances, along with other resources that the average bank customer will miss out on. I don’t want to be one of those people who miss out".
Keenan - 2013

"I would like to thank Ms. Emmenette Mason for informing Missionary Tigner at the Christian Jubilee F.W.B.C. about the Youth Empowerment Program and encouraging us, youth, to sign up for the program. At first I wasn’t interested in the program and didn’t understand why Missionary Tigner kept pushing for us to sign up, until now. Throughout this program I have learned valuable information and was exposed to different ways of thinking. All the speakers who came presented information from different perspectives, which broadened my view on how to become an entrepreneur. In retrospect, I am very thankful I came because I’ve learned a lot that I will be to put to use as I begin my journey to become an entrepreneur. Thank you!!!"
Brittany - 2012

"I would like to start off by giving thanks to Ms. Mason and all the speakers that came out to help in enlightening us on entrepreneurship. What I have gained from the program is the importance of being unique and having that slight edge that will set me aside from others. I have also learned that you cannot do business without including God in all you do. I will use all the tools, notes, and knowledge given to me to begin my journey in beginning my business".
Danielle - 2012 

Global Entrepreneurship Week 
(GEW) - USA 2012
‘Inspiring Millions to Embrace Entrepreneurship’

IXGEN in partnership with Atlanta Technical College Department of Economic Development, organized a Business Expo featuring ‘Steps to Business Start up’. The theme for the event was ‘The Entrepreneurial Advantage’.

The objective was to bring to the metro Atlanta business-minded community, resources, connections, information, and expertise that could help to support micro enterprise creation and development.  

The event attracted aspiring entrepreneurs, new business owners, college students, and exhibitors including the Small Business Administration (SBA) Georgia District, the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Club Entrepreneur, SCORE Chapter 48 of Atlanta, Citizens Trust Bank, South Africa US Business Chamber, Legal Shield and others. Read more..........

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IXGEN Youth Empowerment Program (iYEP) 2013

2nd iYEP Graduation and Certificate Presentation

2nd Annual IXGEN Youth Empowerment Program held on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The theme for this year’s program was ‘Thinking For a Change’:Thinking the Right Thought; For the Right Reason; In the Right Environment; With the Right People; and, At the Right Time.
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IXGEN ​Youth Empowerment Program (iYEP) 'Inspiring Youth to embrace Entrepreneurship) 

 Explore business opportunities in emerging Sub-Saharan African Countries.

Strong growth, a rising middle class and limited competition for deals are driving increased interest.
Africa has long been a continent with enormous promise overshadowed by a legacy of conflict, corruption and economic crises. However, the region has seen a broad range of reforms in recent years. Infrastructure initiatives are opening new avenues of commerce, and new efforts towards regional integration and strengthened regulatory and legal systems are providing greater levels of transparency and accountability.

Africa has become one of the world’s most dynamic growth regions, despite sluggish demand from some key export markets and softer commodities prices. The International Monetary Fund’s latest forecasts suggest average growth across sub-Saharan Africa will rise from 5% in 2011 to 5.25% from 2012 to 2013, with low-income countries growing at 6.6% (or double its projections for global growth) on the back of strong domestic demand, infrastructure spend and inward investment.

These are some of the services our partners offer:
Source and identify distributors, sales representatives and          strategic partners for your products or services
Determine the marketability of your products or services
Setup one-on-one meetings with pre-screened buyers,               distributors and sales representatives
In-Country promotions for your business
Organize trade missions and trade shows
Source and facilitate trade and project finance and           insurance
Facilitate strategic investor placement
Access to our trade leads
International Trade Services
International business development
Assist with trade documentations, licenses, Visas, etc
  Dozens of Sectors of interest in Africa, including:
Low, medium, high cost housing, property development
Low cost housing solutions and products
Large scale construction
Renewable energy solutions
Energy saving solutions
Solar solutions 
Rural electrification
Wind farms
Medical and health 
Agricultural industry
Food industry
Water engineering and infrastructure systems
Telecoms and communication
Architecture and interior design
Mining industry
Oil and gas
Transport engineering and infrastructure, road design,      
   traffic engineering,
Steel structural construction
IT, software
Financial services .....and many more.

If you would like to explore the business possibilities in this emerging market, let us know. We will connect you with our partners in SA.

Call; 770-708-7374
Email: ixoyeconsult@gmail.com

2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week -  USA

Youth Empowerment Workshop 
 ‘Your Story Matters’

​IXGEN’s ‘Big Idea’ for GEW 2013 was a youth empowerment workshop held on November 23, 2013 in Decatur, Georgia. It  focused on creating a Brand through story telling. The objective of the workshop was to how to link life stories to entrepreneurism. The theme of the workshop was: “Tell Your Story, Build Your Business.” Everyone has a story, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, and those stories have, and will continue to shape our lives. 

Click here for full report                     

NAPW DeKalb-Gwinnett Chapter 

   1st Chapter Meeting of 2014 held on Saturday, February 1st, 2014      at the Salem-Panola Branch Library, in Lithonia, GA.  
   The dynamic guest speaker was Natasha Davis-Bowen, MBA-M,        CSMA, CEME, RN-BSN (third from left). To her left, is the CEO of        IXGEN, Emmenette Mason.
   Natasha is the CEO, Business & Marketing Strategist & Executive      Coach at Visionary People, LLC.
Excerpt from a letter from HOPE Global Forum 2015

To: Ms. Emmenette Mason, President and Chief Executive Officer, IXGEN, Inc.

"Invitations to the HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting are extended to members of Operation HOPE. As a longtime supporter of Operation Hope and the HOPE Financial Dignity Summit, we consider you a Founding Member of the Hope Global Forum. As such, we are pleased to offer you a one-year complimentary membership to Operation HOPE(a $1,500 value)."

With your membership you are cordially invited to join us at the HOPE Global Forum in January 2015.".

"Thank you again for your support of Operation HOPE and most importantly,your ongoing commitment to making monumental change happen in our world."

Signed by:
Ambassador Andrew Young
HOPE Global Forum Co-Chair

John Hope Bryant
Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman & CEO

.Excerpt from a letter from DECA 2014

To: Ms. Emmenette Mason, CEO, IXGEN

 "On behalf of the entire DECA Organization, I would like to thank you for participating as a judge at DECA's International Career Development Conference in Atlanta. The conference was a tremendous success with over 17,000 students, teachers, and business people participating."

"Your work as a judge contributed to the success of the conference by providing real world evaluations of the students' business and marketing skills."

Signed by: L. Shane Thomas, Director of Competitive Events

Emmenette Mason received the
2014 Sweet Mother Inc. Award for
Outstanding Business Woman - Making a Difference

Africa’s Entrepreneurs Struggle With Scarce Finance and Poor Infrastructure
by Dan Keeler

President Barack Obama with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the start of a two-day state visit timed to coincide with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Getty Images.

African entrepreneurs are in the spotlight this weekend as Kenya hosts the sixth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Well, that’s if they can tear the spotlight away from Barack Obama who has timed his first visit to Kenya as US President to coincide with the summit. The event celebrates the contribution that entrepreneurs are making to the growth of economies in Africa and beyond.   

Read this Wall Street Journal article by Dan Keeler, and comments by Emmenette Mason here:      http://on.wsj.com/1S0p3k4

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