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‘Promoting A Global Perspective For Micro Entrepreneurs'

What we do

Our company strongly believes that our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance, and our entire team is therefore committed to meeting those needs. We embrace the value of creating long-term relationships within our internal and external environments, and welcome every opportunity to earn our clients’ trust by delivering the best products and services to make them succeed.

Our services include:

  • ​Strategic Consulting on Business Planning and Development
  • Business Plan Development 
  • Accessing Funding Sources 
  • Identifying markets for national and International Trade Opportunities
  • Educational and Cultural Training for business
  • Exchange Trade Missions between the USA and Africa 
  • Global Entrepreneurship Training for Women in the USA and Africa
  • Youth Empowerment Programs 
  • Cultural & Business Youth Exchange Programs 
  • Research and Access to Information & Resources 
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • Information on how to do business abroad
  • ​Youth Empowerment Program (iYEP) 
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)
  • iYEP Graduates Club (TBA)
​Programs coming in 2019-2020

Training Workshops

  • Business Startup Workshop for refugees and other immigrants
  • Entrepreneurship training for veterans
  • Overcoming the challenges of Business Startup
  • Funding for Your Business 
  • Non-traditional Sources of Business Funding
  • Financial Literacy Series
  • Revitalize Your Business
  • Grant Training Workshops 
  • Guide to managing a nonprofit company 
  • 6-session Business Plan development
  • Steps to starting your business
  • Business Growth

 Other Events​
  • ​  Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Training (iYEP)
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2018
  • Global Youth Entrepreneurs Business Expo
  • 'Go Global’– A conference to promote Global Entrepreneurship 
  • Symposium on ' Building Collaborative Partnerships'​
  • Middle and High School familiarization visits (to raise entrepreneurship awareness)
  • After-school Mentoring and Tutoring (K-12)
  •  Annual Fundraising & Awards Gala

      For more information please use the             Contact Box at the bottom of the page.​

Life Skills, Leadership & Empowerment
Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.                        Dr. Stephen R. Covey
Small Business Assistance Column

The Business Plan

Are you thinking of starting a business? Are you ready for the extra work involved in the planning?
In order for you to start a successful new business, there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be accomplished, at the end of which you have lots of valuable information that you can put into a very comprehensive document  -  the road map for your business for as long as it exists. 

The following list gives you an idea as to what areas you need to cover.
Description of your proposed business (products or                     services)
Goals and Objectives
The Market (and how you plan to target it).
The Industry (description and data).
The location (crucial to business success).
The Competition (How well they are doing, and how                you  can compete with them).
The Management (operational structure).
       The Personnel (the key managers of your business).
The Financial plan (projections of profit and loss, cash               flow, break even analysis).
Sources and uses of funding.

Each area needs to be researched in depth, and then put together as a working document that includes the marketing, operational, and financial plans.

You can attend our workshops and seminars to learn how to conduct research for the different areas, as well as how to develop your business plan. You can also search the internet where you can find industry information and data, government regulations, and a host of other information relevant to your business. The SBA website is a great resource: www.sba.gov.

Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can offer numerous advantages such as being your own boss, setting your own schedule and making a living doing something you enjoy. But, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires thorough planning, creativity and hard work.

Call or send us an email, to find out about the various training workshops and seminars that we hold regularly. 
We offer one on one consulting and coaching in our Mentoring Business Startups 101 Series. We offer customized sessions of consulting/coaching to individuals or groups of entrepreneurs.

Emmenette Mason.
Micro Enterprise Development Specialist
Are you looking for money to fund your business start-up or growth?
We can probably help you if you are well prepared. If you are not, we can help get ready too.
We provide Technical Assistance prior to and after accessing funding, to start or expand a small business.
Our consulting services are there to help you improve your bottom line and grow.

Click here for:
Phone: (770) 708-7374
Fax: (530) 658.5428
Email: info@ixgeninc.org
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IXGEN embraces the entrepreneurial approach to wealth building and financial freedom.We promote micro-entrepreneurship as a means of improving the lives of young people and families that are facing financial challenges, especially if they are living in under-served or low-income communities. We cater to the needs of budding entrepreneurs who want to start a business, and established business owners who are looking for expansion and growth.

We believe that the youth of today have to be trained to become the leaders of the future. Therefore they need our help, guidance and support.

Our company also encourages all micro entrepreneurs to ‘think outside the box”, and take the challenge of globalization. To equip small businesses for being successful in the global economy, we partner with various local and international agencies, and private sector operators to provide services that would expose our clients to information, training, and experience to help them achieve significant results.
We are constantly developing practical ways of helping the micro and  small entrepreneurs start or expand their business to their full potential.


“The plans of the diligent lead to profit.” Pr 21:5 NIV
In his book, Thinking For a Change, Dr. John Maxwell says, “The right thought, plus the right people, in the right environment, at the right time, for the right reason, always produces the right result.

Let’s take a minute and break those words down: 

(1) The right thought. Thinking produces ideas, and ideas have incredible power and potential. But every idea begins as a “seed thought,” so you have to nurture and protect it. 

(2) The right people. When you expose the right idea to the right people, great things happen. In their company it blossoms and becomes infused with possibility. 

(3) The right environment. In the right environment thinking is valued, ideas flow freely, fresh eyes are welcome, changes are expected, questions are encouraged, egos are checked, ideas stimulate better ideas, and thinking generates teamwork. 

(4) The right time. The Emperor Hadrian said, “To be right too soon, is to be wrong.” While still in the stretching stage of an idea, present it without expectation, time frames, or rigidly defined goals. Why? Because if you try to implement your idea too early it may not survive. 

(5) The right reason. J. P. Morgan said, “A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good idea, and the real reason.” Motives matter, and selfish motives disqualify us. God only gets behind ideas that fulfill His purposes and demonstrate His love for others. Sometimes an idea becomes great when it partners with another idea; other times it excels just as it is. One thing’s for sure: as you stretch your thinking you will discover that your thinking is stretching you. 

This Devotional was originally written by Word For You Today. For all inquiries, please visit www.wordforyou.com 

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IXGEN helps you to:

  • Turn your Dream into a Business
  • Become a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Develop your Business Plan 
  • Do Market Research
  • Write your Business Proposals
  • Access Training, Information, and Resources 
  • Go Global, and Much More!
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Our Services
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We promote the International High School Exchange Experience

About the Youth Empowerment Program (iYEP) 
iYEP is an annual summer entrepreneurship and life skills training for middle and high school youth, and young adults aged 13-29, to help them become economically, socially, and spiritually motivated, and empowered. 

Project Mission 
To teach and expose entrepreneurship to young people from less-served communities and families, so they can unlock their true potential, become economically productive, and live enriched lives through innovation and business ownership.

To actively engage youths in their personal and economic development, and empower them to become conscious of who they are, and their roles in their homes and communities. 

A secondary goal of the program is to work with businesses, local government, the school system, churches, other youth development organizations, and community leaders to train, mentor, and guide the youth into becoming successful entrepreneurs, and effective community leaders and decision makers.